3 Home Trends for Spring 2023

April 25, 2023

Spring Home Trends 2023

The start of spring is an opportunity to liven up and refresh our homes after a long, long winter! And what better way to do that than with new and modern furniture and decor to play up textures and colour?! At Revolve Furnishings, we couldn’t be more excited to bring in the latest home design trends for Spring 2023.

Let’s get into the top spring 2023 home design trends, but before we do, know that there are no “rules and requirements” for decorating your home. Your space is your sanctuary, and the most important aspect of home design is to make it truly your own. As one of the top furniture stores in Calgary, we’re here to help bring out your personal taste and what works best for your lifestyle.

Trend #1: Luxe Spaces

Luxes spaces in Revolve Furnishings

We’re seeing modern luxury in plush, resort-like interior design where we can relax and recharge. As we continue to rethink how we use our homes, luxury and comfort have quickly become staples for the latest home design trends. Luxurious details like soft bedding, elegant sofas, upholstered headboards, and large-scale accessories add a touch of opulence to any space.

When going for a luxe aesthetic, it’s important to balance out the space with comfort and simplicity. A little can go a long way, such as light fixtures and lamps with a metallic finish, gold-frame mirrors, or brass decor. For spring, add subtle pastels such as a throw pillow or blanket to soften up a luxe space.

Trend #2: Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature in Revolve Furnishings

A trend that has continued into spring 2023 with no signs of slowing down is nature-inspired furniture and decor. And with the advent of spring, bringing nature indoors just makes sense! When creating a space inspired by nature, think of texture and lines. Nature is rich with soft, rounded shapes such as curved tree edges, leaves, and flowers. Untouched, nonsymmetrical lines give the space an organic feel.

Here are some great ways to incorporate nature into your home design:

  • Add natural materials like leather, stone, rattan, ceramics, and wicker
  • Switch your furniture for curved pieces, such as a curved armchair or sofa or a round coffee table
  • Accessorize with organic materials and twisted shapes.

Trend #3: Vintage Vibes

 Vintage retro Vibes in Revolve Furnishings

70’s and 80’s boho chic is back but in a more subtle way! You can expect bold fabrics, timeless shapes, boucle-inspired furniture, rattan wicker accessories, and monochromatic details trickling into the latest home furniture and decor. Think chic, bold, earthy, and a little moody.

To freshen up a vintage vibe for spring, add live greenery and fresh flowers throughout the space, mix in neutrals, and don’t be afraid to play up tones. A well-balanced space is all about having the perfect mix of tones and texture, vintage and modern, bold and subtle. When you create a vintage aesthetic, each piece requires thoughtful consideration to create a cohesive design.

See and feel items in person before you buy at our showroom in Calgary - 7070 11 Street SE where you can test out furniture and get the inspiration you need!

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