3 Interior Design Trends for Spring 2024

March 20, 2024

Spring's arrival offers a chance to rejuvenate our homes after a lengthy winter! Embrace the season with fresh, modern furniture and decor that highlight texture and colour. At Revolve Furnishings, we are thrilled to bring you the newest home design trends for Spring 2024.

Before diving into the top trends for Spring 2024, remember that there are no strict "rules and requirements" when it comes to decorating your home. Your living space is your sanctuary, and the key to good home design is to reflect your unique style. As a leading modern furniture store in Calgary, we are here to help you showcase your personal taste and find what best suits your lifestyle.


Creating a tranquil, understated luxury interior involves carefully considering each element to cultivate a harmonious space that exudes a subtle elegance and promotes well-being.

It's no surprise that the colour scheme associated with quiet luxury consists mostly of neutral and muted tones, avoiding anything too flashy or ostentatious. The goal is to establish a tranquil, peaceful, and refined ambiance that transcends passing fads.

Opting for a neutral colour palette is a great method to imbue your surroundings with a refined sense of quiet luxury without having to break the bank. Rather than choosing vibrant and striking colours, subtlety is the preferred route to take.

When going for a luxe aesthetic, it’s important to balance the space with comfort and simplicity. A little can go a long way, such as light fixtures and lamps with a metallic finish, gold-frame mirrors, or brass decor. For spring, add subtle pastels, such as a throw pillow or blanket, to soften up a luxe space.


The nature-inspired furniture and decor trend has persisted into spring 2024 without showing any signs of decline. Embracing nature indoors becomes even more appealing as spring arrives! To craft a nature-inspired setting, focus on texture and lines. Nature abounds in soft, curved shapes like tree edges, leaves, and flowers. Unaltered, asymmetrical lines lend an organic touch to the space.

Here are some great ways to incorporate nature into your home design:

  • Add natural materials like leather, stone, rattan, ceramics, and wicker
  • Switch your furniture for curved pieces, such as a curved armchair or sofa or a round coffee table
  • Accessorize with organic materials and twisted shapes.
  • Incorporate plants and floral arrangements to enhance your space.

Some of the trending colours for spring 2024 include pale yellow, pistachio green, and shades of orange (a Revolve favourite). These neutral tones complement cream and other neutrals, bringing a cozy warmth to any setting. Not ready to commit to colour? Try adding in hints of colour with accent chairs, toss cushions and decor in these popular hues.


If you’re craving some excitement in your home decor, then this 2024 trend is one you’ll want to explore. Art Deco, big patterns, and bold colours are timeless, but they’re seeing a resurgence this year. Decadent, lush furniture pieces, rich colours and luxe materials, bold wallpaper prints and bright paint shades transform spaces into maximalist havens.

If you want to move from neutral tones to bold and bright, start small by experimenting with vibrant, modern furniture pieces, a fresh coat of paint, or bold decor items.

See and feel items in person before you buy at our modern furniture store showroom in Calgary - 7070 11 Street SE where you can test out furniture and get the inspiration you need!

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