According to Ash: the Edmonton Plan

May 05, 2017


Most of us have enough trouble planning the look for one room, let alone a whole house or a 24,000 sq. foot showroom!  That's just what Ashlee-Ann was challenged to do for our glossy new Edmonton Showroom. With all of our fabulous items, how did she decide what to put where, what to put it with, and how to style it?

Even as a professional, Ash needed professional help. Good thing we have lots of that. She worked together with our Lead Designer, Stephanie Bennett, and Nick Maio, our former CrossIron Store Manager turned After Care Manager for Edmonton.  

Just like we do with our clients, only on a massive scale, they created a floor plan on a 6' x 4' white board and divvied up the store into 6 manageable zones. Then, and this is the fun part, they cut out and labelled scale models of each piece of furniture.

Now with our clients, we would do a quick floor sketch or use our Virtual Planner, but on a project this large and complex, Ash, Steph, and Nick needed to be able to see the whole space and move furniture around as the plan unfolded. So they rocked it old school. The result was not only a chic and well laid out store, but a cool mixed media art piece.

So, starting with Zone #1, here's the Edmonton Plan. Zone #1 is a fabulous space: a wall of windows, vaulted ceilings, skylights, but most importantly it's what you first see when you walk in the door. Just like the front entrance to a client's home it needed to be WOW! And exciting and welcoming and make people want to come in and see more. No pressure!  Ashlee-Ann used this creative criteria to open with a bang:

#1 Choose the newest, sexiest pieces to set the tone.

#2 Choose pieces that are in stock at great prices for quick enjoyment.

#3 Choose the most current and vibrant colours to energize people as they come in the door.

Come in and see the plan in action as executed by Ash, Samantha, our new Edmonton Store Merchandiser, and the whole revolve team. And, it's a big store, stay tuned for the Edmonton Plan Zone #2.

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