Are Your Home Furnishings Ready This Thanksgiving Season?

September 30, 2022

October 10th is a special day. It’s Thanksgiving, which means we have the opportunity to commemorate all our blessings over the past year. And what better way to celebrate than with friends and family gathering together? The only thing is you need to ensure your home is accommodating for the influx of guests.

Happy Thanksgiving  - Revolve Furnishings
As a modern furniture store, Revolve Furnishings appreciates contemporary furniture. However, that doesn’t mean we stray from time-honoured traditions! And with Thanksgiving’s arrival this year, we wanted to give you some fall modern furniture ideas.

1. Dining Chairs and Tables

At Revolve Furnishings, we understand Thanksgiving is one of those commemorable dates that brings people together. With our slew of contemporary dining tables, you can now accommodate any size gathering (big or small). But of course, no dining table is complete without its accompanying dining chairs.

Chairs can be elegant additions to your dining table during this Thanksgiving holiday with beautiful designs, colours, and styles.

2. Bar Stools

Thanksgiving (obviously) brings with it, additional guests. And ensuring you have enough seats for everyone is important for making people feel welcome and at home. Bar stools are great as they come in varying sizes and styles. We offer bar stools designed with a unique appeal and present-day flare at Revolve Furnishings.

3. Buffets

We are a furniture store in Calgary that cherishes distinctiveness. This value is apparent in our unique line of buffets. Long and low with additional storage space, buffet tables are great, especially during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Let’s be honest; Thanksgiving is much more communal with a buffet table's additional (and accommodating) surface. Other valuable benefits of a buffet table include:

  • Display space: Set out pictures, flowers, artwork, etc., to add personality to the room for your guests to enjoy!
  • Furniture replacement: Replace a desk, dresser, or nightstand with your buffet table.
  • Storage: Buffet tables offer cabinets and drawers you can use to house specific items for safekeeping. This feature is excellent for cleaning your space for your Thanksgiving guests to arrive.

Be Thanksgiving-Ready This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is more than a turkey feast. It’s an opportunity to create memories with loved ones and give thanks for what you have. That’s why this is a holiday season you want to be ready to enjoy. And at Revolve Furnishings, we’re prepared to help your preparation with high-quality, contemporary furniture. Contact us today to learn more.

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