Edmonton Offering Unique Awe-Inspiring Modern Furniture

September 19, 2018

Furniture shopping can be very exciting; but stressful time for homeowners looking to furnish a new home or update their current home. With countless options and never-ending Pinterest inspiration, it can be quite challenging to find and agree on the perfect pieces for your home.


Revolve Furnishings Offers Contemporary Furniture:

Revolve furnishings offers contemporary, unique and awe-inspiring pieces of furniture that are exclusive to the Calgary and Edmonton modern furniture market. Now, what normally accompanies high quality, unique furniture? A big price tag. But not here. We stand by our cost effective and economically sustainable products. In fact, we pride ourselves in stocking the most contemporary and unique
furniture pieces at a sustainable price, in all of Calgary and Edmonton of course.


Some Tips On How To Shop For New Furniture:


Now, where does the shopping begin? We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you get started with your modern furniture shopping experience.

  1. Measure your space: It is important to have a clear understanding of how big your space actually is, there is nothing more disappointing than finding the “perfect” piece that ends up being too big or too small for your home.

    We suggest measuring and then measuring again and then storing those measurements on your phone, then when you’re out and about in Calgary or Edmonton and come across that “perfect” piece you can accurately comprehend whether or not the dimensions will work.

  2. Are you rushing the process? We get it, in the day and age that we live in, we expect everything to be done as fast as possible, but when it comes to furniture shopping, we want to encourage you to take your time and not force the experience. Remember, these are pieces that will be in your home for years so don’t make decisions on a whim just to fill empty space or because you are trying to get your shopping done on a timeline.
    We're very confident that you will be pleased with our selection, but we also want to encourage all buyers to shop around, do your research and find what is right for your space. 

  3. Think about your investment: We know price tags can be intimidating but keep in mind that “most” of the time what you pay for is what you get. Begin by setting a budget and a timeline, are you buying this piece for life or just the next couple years? 
    Begin to search for the highest quality pieces you can afford. Test out the furniture; are you shopping for a couch/sofa? Sit on it.
    Finally, think about your staples vs your accents. You probably don’t want to replace your sectional every three years with the ebb and flow of trends, instead opt for a classic piece that will sustain the test of time and then accent your purchase with pillows or throws that suit current trends.

  4. Enjoy the experience: furniture speaks to who you are, have fun shopping and picking out the pieces that will make your home unique. Remember, you don’t have to force it. 
    Keep your eye out because more often than not you will come across your dream piece the first time out, you'll often find that when you aren’t even looking for it.

As we have a beautiful team of interior designers at each of our locations, use them, rack their brains and let them help you find that perfect piece. 

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