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June 19, 2019

The summer months are among us once more and with beautiful sunny days comes more time spent outdoors.

There is nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine after work on your own patio/porch or having dinner with your family in your backyard outdoor living space. Honestly, who doesn’t love patio and BBQ season?!

Outdoor Living Space

In the summer your outdoor spaces almost transform into living spaces or “rooms” of their own. Our team at Revolve want to help you make sure your space is comfortable, chic and ready to entertain with.

We love to spend a lot of our down time outdoors during the summer months and because of that we have opted for comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture that is durable and beautiful.

Help With Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture.

Our team of interior designers have handpicked all of the outdoor furniture that we have online and in our stores here at Revolve. We are proud to say that we have some of the most unique and extraordinary patio pieces found across all of Alberta.

How To Find or See Our Outdoor Furniture Range:

Browse our entire inventory by typing “outdoor” into the search bar on our website or call today to set up a consult with one of our incredible interior designers.

Our Outdoor Furniture Picks For 2019?

Below we have listed some of our #1 outdoor furniture picks for 2019...

Outdoor Coffee Tables:

We have a wide variety of exquisite outdoor coffee tables available in store and online. When working on our top picks for 2019, this was a tough one and honestly, we couldn’t pick just one. So, here are our top three choices of outdoor coffee tables; perfect for lounging, entertaining and everything in between.

1. The Boracay Coffee Table:
This chic table comes in grey and white and is the perfect contemporary piece for your outdoor living space. Pair it with its matching end table or use it on its own as a focal piece. The Boracay’s unique and stylish shape cannot be compared.

2. The Constance Coffee Table:
The intriguing geometric design of the Constance coffee table is what sets this stunning piece apart. Crafted from natural concrete each piece has its own array of unique gray hues.

3. The Aries Coffee Table:
Metallic detailing makes this outdoor coffee table incredibly chic. Made from sealed concrete this gorgeous table is one of a kind with variations of grey hues (that enhance over time) running through each unique table.

Outdoor Dining Tables:

Whether you like modern or traditional we have some super cool outdoor dining tables in stock this year. These tables will have your guests oohing and awwing over your space with every visit.

1. The Maldives Dining Table:
Solid, concrete polymer, sleek and stylish, this table is highly durable and can be left out year round. The simple design is angular and modern, choose the Maldives Dining Table to brighten up any outdoor space.

2.The New York Dining Table:
A cool modern twist on the classic picnic table. It’s traditional with a unique take and we guarantee you will love lounging at this fashionable dining table.

Outdoor Chairs and Loungers:

Comfort and style, these pieces have it all; outdoor seating never looked and felt so good.

1. The New York Lounger:
Comfy and cool with quick dry foam and weather resistant coating. You will want to sleep outdoors after investing in the New York Lounger.

2. The Pikoro Dining Arm Chair:
This bright modern piece is great for outdoor dining and is easy store with its stackable shape. Nothing beats the teak and stainless steel combo on this stylish chair, perfectly rustic and contemporary all at the same time.

3. The Yucatan Dining Chair:
If you like modern, then this is the piece for you; this sturdy fibreglass chair has an incomparably chic design.

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