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Murano Glass by Natuzzi Italia

Posted on Oct 11, 2016. 0 comments

What were we thinking?!! A vase for over $1000!!

Well, according to founding partner, Jeff Stoner, when you get the opportunity to offer something this refined to your customers, you take it. "We have lots of less expensive vases to offer, but we wanted to show something truly spectacular." Granted, it's not for everyone, but if you're looking to fill your house with Natuzzi Italia, it would be great to have the ultimate choice of accessories. No, not accessories, but hand made oggetto artistico

Arcisi is an exclusive collection of Murano Glass vases. The vases are made using the cane-blowing technique. The coloured blown glass obtained is placed in a crucible with extremely thick clear glass inside it. Superimposing the two glasses gives the exclusive colour effect. The glass is ground and polished by hand at the end of the process. The refined Arcisi vases fit perfectly into many settings, enhancing them day by day. 

For those of us who need to win the lottery to afford more than a pair of Italian Murano Glass earrings, it's not very often we get to see a piece of the size of a musuem sculpture. Feel free to come see the hand blown and polished Arcisi Vases glow at our south showroom. Available in acqua and karkade or in english, turquoise and red. 


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