All About Outdoor Fabrics

What is Outdoor Fabric?

Outdoor fabric is specially designed with excellent features like water resistanceand colorfastness for lounge cushions, boat cushions, garden cushions, umbrellas, shade cloths.

There are many different kinds of Outdoor Fabrics, the best being Cartenza and Batyline.

Cartenza fabric is a thicker woven synthetic fabric which is used for covering outdoor cushions and umbrellas. It is fade, mildew, rain, and stain resistant.
Batyline fabric is a light, breathable synthetic mesh fabric developed by Ferrari that is incredible flexible and strong. It is also fade, mildew, rain, and stain resistant.
Quick Dry Foam
Quick Dry Foam is a cushion that you can leave outdoors during rain, snow or storm with minimum maintenance. It is produced with a special process called “Hydro-blast reticulation. Unlike non-reticulated normal foam, reticulated foam has large, open pores that permit maximum water drainage and air circulation. This allows quick usage after being wet or even saturated. Quick Dry Foam uses UREGARD in built in anti-microbial protection which prohibits the growth of common mold and fungus even when left outside for a long period of time.

Care and Maintenance

Outdoor fabrics are easily spot cleaned with a mild solution of liquid soap and water and a soft bristle brush. For large scale cleaning, test a small area and then spray the entire area with a mild soap solution until thouroughly soaked. Scrub with a soft bristle brush and allow fabric to air dry.

*Dry cleaning is not recommended.