All About Teak

What is Teak?

Centuries ago, the unmistakable quality of teak was discovered on Java. What makes the ‘Tectona Grandis’ so wonderful as a species of tree is not just the wood it produces: while the worst types of weather wreak havoc on all other types of wood, it seems to have no effect whatsoever on teak. The most cutting of island winds, tropical storms and the scorching heat of the equatorial sun are the toughest quality tests nature can throw at teak. And thanks to its oily resin, teak remains totally durable, without any treatment to the wood, which always stays tough and unchanging in structure. Teak has been used for its durability on Java for centuries. They used it to build fishing boats and sailing ships, as well as temples, houses and furniture. This unique wood is cultivated in immense plantations and is only cut down after decades of growth. With their innate sense of beauty an artistry, the Javanese have become genuine experts in working with teak. The furniture they make is not only strong and long-lasting, but its sober shapes and pretension-free craftsmanship make items of Javanese teak furniture into timeless masterpieces.The authorities ensure that as many teak trees are replanted as are felled, so that the natural balance can be maintained.

Care and Maintenance

Teak requires limited maintenance and will naturally weather to a silver-grey patina color over time when exposed to the natural elements. To maintain the honey tone a teak wood sealer has to be applied to the product, recommended applying twice a year but may very on the type of sealer (Please follow manufacture instructions) If your product has already weathered and you with to restore the honey tone, a teak wood cleaner should be applied first then apply a teak sealer. If a stain appears or you wish to clean your furniture a cleaning solution with mild liquid soap and warm water can be used with a soft bristle brush, make sure to rinse. If mildew occurs a teak cleaner has to be used or add a small amount of bleach to the cleaning solution and apply to mildew area with a bristle brush and rinse. Be sure to wear gloves.

*Note: Make sure all manufactured product such as sealers and cleaners are for teak product use. Always test product on a non-visible area first before applying to the rest of the surface.