Farley Buchanan

"Design is about the betterment of our lives poetically, aesthetically, experientially, sensorially, and emotionally." ~ Karim Rashid

With over a decade of experience in architectural, industrial, commercial and interior design, I am immensely passionate about helping my clients to realize their dream environments. Through the harmonious application of sound design principles enhanced by individual styles and sympathies, I believe that one's space can be, not only a reflection of who they are, but how they wish the world around them to be.

I'm intuitively drawn to the possibilities of good design; the expressive artistry, the creative formats and interplay of textures and colours. With a reverential appreciation for traditional design styles, I have an energetic enthusiasm for modernity in all its manifestations. From mid-century to masculine, minimalist to multiplicitous, contemporary design compositions are my forté.

I am thrilled to bring my enthusiasm and expertise to all my client's projects, no matter the size, scope or budget. Every design commission is an opportunity to enhance and inspire not just one's home but also their soul.


farley@revolvefurnishings.com   780.628.3618

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