Mariam Swenia CID, IDT

“Your home should be your sanctuary.”

I am a certified interior decorator, an interior design technologist and am determinedly working towards obtaining my bachelors degree in design. To always be learning and evolving are my goals, just as stagnation is my fear.

I was first drawn to interior design because of an obsession with colour coordination. When I say obsession- I mean that. Are there hundreds of shades of white and does each one portray something completely different? Yes, most definitely.

When it comes to making, I don’t believe there are any guidelines to follow except the ones you set to establish and enhance your vision. I love mixing styles, eras, colours, textures, and ideas. My process is to do that until the space speaks to you and conveys exactly what you want it to. Your home should be your sanctuary. Tell, show, or telepathically communicate to me what your dream space looks like, and I will work with you to make it come to life.   780.628.3618

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