Nay Sher Interior Designer

"Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design."

I graduated interior decorating last year in July 2023 at Bow Valley College. I love how a great design comes along with forms and function and not just the looks of it. I have strong knowledge in Sketchup and Autocad and currently am in school for architectural technologies. I am very eager to put my educational background to use and learn from my experience at Revolve Furnishings. Most of my designs have a neutral cool tone to them which originate from my interest in Japandi and modern contemporary style I usually tend to go for. 

My love for interior design has always been with me since high school when I wanted to find a career that involves the love of art. Interior design and architecture has always been my passion in my walks in life. It is what I am trying to achieve. 

My goal is to create spaces for people in which they are satisfied both with the aesthetic of the look and the use or functionality of the space. My go-to quote is “Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” I do believe that when it comes to design it is all about the wants and needs of the clients and what you can bring for them.  403-255-8372 x811

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