Facing the Furniture Murphy's Law

August 07, 2014

Protection Plans for When Life Happens

Your sleek new dining table has arrived, the envy of your neighbours as it's carried in, and settled perfectly into its' new home. Or, maybe it’s your perfectly balanced new love seat, arriving to finish your casual but cool living room. Either way, now, your furniture has to face the Murphys; all those Murphy’s Law factors in your life that can go wrong, and ruin your favourite new piece, unless, you have a Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan.

“Furniture protection plans guard against that Murphy’s Law moment”

Facing the Murphys isn’t about how you plan to take care of your furniture for the next ten years. We know you will do everything to keep the piece you love in great condition. Furniture protection plans guard against that Murphy’s Law moment, two days after delivery, when you settle down for your first glass of wine and spill your lovely Bordeaux on your lovely new sectional. 

Instead of railing against the universe, crying, and, possibly, finishing the rest of the bottle, you can plan ahead, and know that your couch is covered. With a Guardsman furniture protection plan household stains, liquid rings and marks are left in the hands of professionals. Instead of struggling with stains, you can pour another glass.

Think of how happy you’ll be, knowing, when little Murphy Jr. spills lasagna on your beautifully uphosltered dining bench, that you don’t have to rely on your Grandpa Murphy’s homemade cleaning salve. While two parts Windex, one part curry spice might be an old family recipe for stain-removal, the rest of dinner will certainly go down easier knowing that you can call on specialty cleaning products. Guardsman furniture protection plans provide access to products that can remedy problems such as scratches, ink marks, and other furniture damage that can happen as life happens.

Even if you’re prepared to share your couch with, with Murphy the dog, your quality pet-time will be happier knowing that any loving licks he leaves behind can be handled. Trained technicians can take care of cuts, punctures, scratches, gouges, chips and other Murphy-made marks. With the right protection plan, pet-owners can even relax if Murphy mistakes your fire-hydrant red couch for the corner fire-hydrant!

Regardless of the Murphys in your life, Guardsman protection is designed to give you peace of mind. Add protection, and focus on enjoying your brand new furniture and showing it off to all the Jones’ in your life. For more information on how to add a Guardsman Furniture Protection plan to your purchase, speak to your Revolve designer as some limitations and exceptions may apply, or call us at (403) 253-2838.

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