Modern Living Room Tables

Inspirational living room furniture to create an extraordinary space for entertaining.


Modern Living Room Tables

Inspirational living room furniture to create an extraordinary space for entertaining. Functionality meets style in our modern living room tables that blur the line between art and furniture. Browse our collection of modern living room tables, including coffee tables, end tables, side tables, console tables, and accent tables.

The living room is the place we gather to relax, host family game nights, gather for conversation, and watch movies. From functional tables to statement pieces, choosing a modern living room table is based on your needs and style. When purchasing a modern living room table, consider:

  • Size and height - You want to match the size and height of your living room table to your sofa and other seating arrangements. A living room table that’s too low or too high in front of, beside, or behind your sofa can be awkward and impact its function. Whether it’s a coffee table or a side table, be sure to measure your sofa’s height and aim for a table with only a couple of inches difference.
  • Proportion - Proportion is specifically for when you’re looking for a coffee table. Similar to matching your coffee table with the height of your sofa, we recommend looking for one that’s in proportion to the length and width of your sofa. A coffee table that’s much smaller than your sofa or bigger than your sofa can look imbalanced. To create a cohesive look, you would want your coffee table to be approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa.
  • Balance - In other words, the modern living room tables you choose should complement other furniture in the room. For example, a sofa with high legs would look more balanced with a solid table that has no legs or one that has shorter legs. The material you choose also makes a significant difference in balancing the tones and textures of the space.
  • Shape - Modern living room tables come in all types of shapes - round, oval, rectangle, square, and even abstract pieces. While you can play up accent tables, side tables, end tables, and console tables for decor, choosing the shape of your coffee table really boils down to the clearance you need around it. Ideally, you want your coffee table to be no more and no less than 12-18 inches away from your sofa and at least 24-30 inches from your TV stand or fireplace. Round and oval tables make for a more kid-friendly space and also soften the room with organic movement, whereas square and rectangular tables are dominant shapes that provide a sleek and formal appearance.

Styling a living room table

Once you’ve found the perfect living room table, styling it becomes the fun part! The following style tips can work for all types of modern living room tables, including coffee tables, end tables, side tables, console tables, and accent tables.

  • Keep it simple - Start accessorizing with books, trays, picture frames, bowls, vases, or candles, but keep it light. We recommend no more than three or four pieces that complement each other, such as a vase on top of a book and a candle beside it.
  • Add greenery - For a more organic, less-staged look, add a small potted plant or a terrarium. Greenery instantly brings life to your home and adds a subtle, organic pop of colour.
  • Consider function - Before you start adding accessories and decor to your living room tables, consider their utility. Do you usually place a drink or book down on your side table or coffee table? Will your kids be using it to colour and play board games on? When stylish your living room table, try to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality!


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