Enjoy the convenience and elegance that ottomans bring to your space. Use them to rest your feet, provide extra seating for gatherings or as centre stage in place of a coffee table. Add a pop of colour with a vibrant ottoman that contrasts with your sectional or accent chair, or opt for a coordinated look with an ottoman in a matching palette. Whatever your use, ottomans are an excellent, versatile addition to any space.

How to shop for ottomans

When it comes to buying an ottoman, a little guidance can go a long way. Whether you're seeking a cozy footrest, versatile seating, or a stylish accent piece, here are some key factors to consider in your search for the perfect ottoman:

  • Determine your purpose - Decide how you plan to use the ottoman. Are you seeking a footrest, extra seating, an ottoman coffee table or a combination? Clarifying your intended purpose will help you choose the right size, shape, and functionality.

  • Measure your space - Take accurate measurements of the area where the ottoman will be placed. Consider the height, width, and depth restrictions to ensure a proper fit and seamless integration with the surrounding furniture.

  • Style and design - Consider the existing decor and style of your room. Choose an ottoman that harmonizes with the overall aesthetic, whether it's modern, traditional, or eclectic. Consider the materials, colours, and patterns that will complement or accentuate your existing furniture and decor.

  • Upholstery and durability - Select upholstery materials that align with your lifestyle and preferences. Options include fabrics, leathers, or even durable synthetic materials. Keep in mind factors such as maintenance, stain resistance, and durability when making your choice.

  • Comfort and support - Test the ottoman's comfort level by sitting or placing your feet on it, if possible. Pay attention to the cushioning and support it offers, ensuring it suits your comfort needs.

  • Functionality features - Decide if you want any additional features, such as hidden storage compartments, removable trays, or casters for mobility. These features can enhance the usability and versatility of the ottoman.

  • Budget considerations -  Set a budget range for your ottoman purchase. It's helpful to have a price range in mind before exploring options to avoid overspending or settling for subpar quality.

The different types of ottomans

Ottomans come in a variety of types, each offering unique shapes and sizes to suit different preferences and functional needs. Here are some common types of ottomans:

  • Rectangular ottoman - This is the most traditional and popular ottoman shape. It features a rectangular design that can range in length and width, providing ample space for resting your feet or serving as extra seating.
  • Square ottoman - Similar to the rectangular ottoman, the square ottoman offers a symmetrical shape with equal sides. It is versatile and can be used as a footrest, a coffee table alternative, or additional seating.

  • Round ottoman - The round ottoman adds a touch of elegance and softness to a space. Its circular shape allows for easy placement and versatility. It can function as a footrest or provide seating for smaller gatherings.

  • Oval ottoman - With its elongated and curved shape, the oval ottoman brings a unique aesthetic to any room. It offers a slightly different look from the traditional rectangular or square ottomans while maintaining a similar functionality.

  • Storage ottoman - A storage ottoman serves a dual purpose by combining a comfortable seating surface with hidden storage space inside. It is an excellent option for keeping items like blankets, pillows, or magazines neatly tucked away.

  • Pouf ottoman - Poufs are low, soft, and typically smaller in size compared to traditional ottomans. They often lack legs and are designed to be placed directly on the floor. Poufs add a touch of casual comfort and can serve as footrests or impromptu seating options.

  • Ottoman bench - As the name suggests, an ottoman bench is a longer and wider ottoman that resembles a bench. It provides generous seating space and can be placed at the foot of a bed, in an entryway, or in a living room for both comfort and style.

See and test ottomans in person 

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