3 tips for choosing the right home office furniture

April 12, 2021

Did you know the look and feel of your workspace can have a serious impact on your productivity? The days of the stuffy corner office with fluorescent lighting and boring furniture are transitioning out to make room for beautifully designed workspaces. This is especially true today, as more and more people are working from home and looking to transform their space.

There’s a reason why walking into a well-decorated office sparks interest and creativity! A room that flows together is pleasing to the eye, creates a sense of calm, and helps us focus. Choosing quality modern furniture gives you both beauty and function. Follow these three essential tips to design an office that you can feel excited to work in.

Modern furniture in Calgary

1. First things first - a beautiful and comfortable chair

Your office chair is where you spend hours in so a beautiful and comfortable design is always worth the investment. There are many styles of office chairs available to match the aesthetics that you’re aiming for. We recommend one that is ergonomically designed to reduce aches and fatigue with the ability to adjust the height as needed.


2. A functional and aesthetically pleasing desk

Our modern furniture store in Calgary draws inspiration from designs that don’t compromise form for function. In fact, quality contemporary furniture is where form meets function. Your office desk should catch your eye and draw you in while having the features that you need, including drawers and adequate space to work on.

We recommend adding lighting and accessories to your desk for warmth and to move away from the monotonous cubicle feel. If your desk is facing a wall, place an interesting art piece in front of you with colours that spark calm and tranquillity. Adding a touch of greenery with small plants, picture frames, and a rug can make a world of difference in making your workspace feel more ‘homey’.


3. A stylish and impactful bookshelf

As interior design enthusiasts, we love a stylish bookshelf! Break up stacks and rows of books with decorative pieces, artwork, inspirational prints, baskets, and plants. Display impactful books that will inspire and motivate you throughout your workday and add accessories that you enjoy.

You can choose from different styles, including floating shelves, a contemporary design made of steel or gold accents, or a more traditional bookshelf made of solid wood. Typically, we recommend matching the bookshelf to your desk as your office desk is where you’ll spend the most time and often becomes the ‘anchor’ piece to base your design around.


Designing your home office

Your home office furniture should complement your style and invite you in for a productive day at work. As a committed and hard-working member of your team, you deserve an office that you can feel proud of and gives you joy in your workday!

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