Our Calgary contemporary furniture stores are dying to impress you.

September 11, 2015

Getting your modern furniture sorted for winterJust a few more weeks, then it will be time to put away our patio furniture and cover and place the BBQ into hibernation. Yes, brace yourself, winter is coming!

With summer just about over, we'll be spending nearly all of our evenings and weekends at home. We'll probably be spending more time in front of the television too, snuggling up on the worn out, somewhat smelly sofa. 

Well, it's about time you did something about that sofa, take a step back and say (In a northern Yorkshire accent), "Right John Snow, I will not sit another night on that wretched contraption, I shall head on down to Revolve and buy that gorgeous modern sofa I've wanted for some months now".


Revolve Furnishings is a modern furniture store brimming full to the rim of contemporary furniture for you to try. Head on down and we'll help you get through winter. 

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