Kitchen Case Study: Family Kitchen Reno (Parkland), Design & Cabinetry

October 02, 2015


Family Kitchen Reno (Parkland), Design & Cabinetry


Design a modern open kitchen and make it more functional for a larger family, with a built-in office area.


Knocking out the wall to the office allowed us to open up the space and give it a brighter, more modern and airy feeling.

The new room was then separated into different task areas: office, kitchen, casual dining and made sure there was an easy flow from space to space. Using the same cabinetry style between the kitchen and office area gives the room a seamless look. Having no upper cabinets on one wall really gives the feeling of a more open space and focuses your attention on the window.

Clever storage additions allow the homeowner to stow away more appliances, keeping them off the counter, which looks great and allows for more useable space.
“We LOVE how it looks. It’s so much more open and bright; we are no longer bumping into each other and things are running a lot smoother now. Surprisingly, some of our favourite features are the storage solutions. I love the pull out “Euro Bin” for organizing garage and recycling, the pullout towel rack and the “Magic Corner” which maximizes storage space. And of course, Stephanie was a delight to work with and made the process fun.” says owners Sharole and Scott.





“It's a long room after the wall was taken out between the office and kitchen. We needed to make the work triangle (stove/fridge/sink) comfortable - not too may steps between each unit - but enough space that people could be at different units and not run over each other.

You always lose walls (therefore storage) when you open a space. Increasing the amount of storage was a challenge, but by making the storage functionally specific for each task area of the space we made it work.” Stephanie Bennett, revolve Kitchen Designer.

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Credits:  Kitchen chairs: revolve Furnishings, Flooring: CDL Carpet and Flooring, Backsplash: ALFA Tile, Counter tops: Floform Countertops, Sink and Faucet: Emco The Ensuite, General Contractor: CF Contractors.

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