Ideas For a Fun, Modern Dorm Room

September 28, 2012

Are you getting ready to move into a college dorm? Even though you might have a small canvas, we have some big ideas!

If you are able to move around the furniture in your dorm, try to create an open layout. You can do this by moving large furniture pieces near the walls of the room. You can even get creative by moving a dresser into a walk-in closet for more floor space in the main area. For each roommate’s separate bedding and artwork, choose colors and patterns that compliment each other, but are not matching. While you want the space to flow cohesively while still maintaining a defined personal space for each person.

Colour is a great way to bring life into your dorm room. Since most dorm walls cannot be painted, find a large tapestry or painting to hang on an accent wall. It’s best to choose large pieces like this with your roomie so you can choose a piece you both love. Rugs are also a great way to bring vibrancy and softness into your space.

Finally, accessories will complete the look. Each roommate should choose some accessories that bring their own unique personality into the room. Pictures of friends and family are often a big part of dorm room décor. To elevate your photos to the next level, display them in cool, modern frames. You can even make some yourself. Invite your roomies to join in on your DIY projects and you’ll soon be bonding over your modern, decked out dorm room!

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