Interior Designs Inspired By Your Summer Vacations

October 10, 2012

For most of us, summer travels are what we look forward to for most of the year. Vacations give us some of our greatest memories and adventures in life. Why not live in these moments all year around? The Interior Designers and Decorators at revolve furnishings can help you design a space that embodies your favourite summer travels.

Exploring new destinations can awaken the imagination and creativity in all of us. Next time you return home from a trip, think about your favourite memories. Was it watching a fiery sunrise over the ocean? Spending the afternoon lounging by a captivatingly blue tropical lagoon? You can make a colour palette based around your travel memories. Use your colour palette on accessories in a room such as curtains, throw pillows, picture frames or even large furniture items. If you fell completely in love with a hotel room or café on your trip, you can redesign an entire your room in your house using the same style, colours and textures to emulate the feel of the place without making a complete replica.

For the walls in your destination room, buy local artwork from your favourite places. The art doesn’t have to depict pictures of the location, just capture the culture or essence of the place. You can juxtapose the artwork with your own pictures from your trip. For a unique way of displaying your photos, skip the traditional frames and display your pictures on slabs of wood, sheets of metal or another unique surface that evokes memories of the destination. Black and white photos will pop against a bright accent wall from your colour palette.

To complete the space, bring in collections from your travels. Whether it’s one-of-a-kind pottery or typical tourist souvenirs, it’s more about the thoughtful way you display your items. You can also use really unique accents that remind you of the destination. These accents can be door or cabinet knobs, doorstops or textured rugs. Look for these types of accessories and accents on your trip by checking out markets and shopping centres where the locals go.

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