How to Discover Your Design Personality

January 28, 2013

How do you showcase your design personality in your décor? Do you play it safe with neutral colours and minimal accessories, or do you boldly highlight eclectic pieces from around the world? Believe it or not, your personality is strongly represented in your décor choices, and finding out about your style will start you on the path towards fabulous design.


Those who choose to decorate their interiors in a Traditional style may find themselves longing for the days of antique, elegant accessories.
Keep in mind that traditional does not mean outdated! Traditional interiors incorporate classic pieces such as dark woods, brass finishes and vertical, height-adding furniture. A classic shaped chair with a traditional pattern is a great way to add a traditional-style focal piece to your space.


If the thought of incorporating the previous two styles makes you cringe, consider the Modern design style. This style underscores minimalistic simplicity, focusing on neutral colour schemes. Choosing simple décor with clean lines is the best way to achieve the modern design style.

Want a quick way to make a room feel more modern? Take a picture of it, remove 1/3 of your accessories, and voila! Clean, simple, chic, fabulous.

First off, let's define "Rustic". It is not just country. Rustic encompasses simplicity and charm. When you need to unwind, bring the outdoors into your home with the Rustic design style. The pieces in this theme focus on all things organic and natural. This includes varying tones of wood mixed with soft shades of grey.


If your design style encompasses aspects of all of the previous three styles, you may be following an Eclectic design theme. This theme incorporates bold and dramatic furniture from various styles and times, but is flawlessly brought together through the use of colour, fabric and finish. The best way to achieve this style is to purchase items that fall into the same colour palette. Eclectic style may combine various patterns, and it still looks great!

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