Planning Your Master Bedroom

March 13, 2013

Did you know that roughly 1/3 of your life is spent in your bedroom? You can significantly enhance your life by changing just one thing – making your bedroom your personal sanctuary. When the first and last space that you experience every day is a perfect expression of your tastes, you’ll wake more refreshed and you’ll find it easier to unwind at the end of the day.

If you take a few moments to think about your preferences and needs, it will be easy to create a bedroom that inspires and relaxes you. Here are some elements that will influence your design choices:

  1. The feel or mood you want in the room
  2. The size of the bedroom
  3. Your storage needs

Creating the feel and mood of your room

Start by asking yourself if you want a warm, soothing feeling or if you prefer a clean, crisp, lighter feel in your bedroom.

A warm feel is enhanced by darker wood tones and softer lighting. Here are some furniture and accessory choices that will help you create a warm feel:

  1. darker wood bed frames
  2. soft, warm colors for your bedding
  3. large, shaded lamps
  4. fabric accents, like patterned pillows

For a modern feel, choose crisper lines and lighter or contrasting colors. Lower profile beds are a great choice because they make your room feel larger. Here are some furniture and accessory choices that will help you achieve a modern look:

  1. low profile bed frames
  2. clean, simply patterned bedding
  3. unique lamps with small shades and clean lines
  4. light or contrasting textures

If you’re not sure which mood to create, take a look at your existing wall colors – darker colors naturally create a warmer feel while lighter colors make a room feel more airy and complement a modern feel.

Choosing furniture that fits in your bedroom

Most people aren’t planning to renovate their bedroom to accommodate their furniture purchase, and I’m sure you want to have space to walk around after your furniture is assembled. Before your start shopping, it’s extremely important to know the size of your bedroom. Here are some tips to determine the ideal size of furniture for your bedroom.

Queen size bed

The general rule is that you need at least a 9.5 foot long wall for a queen bed and 2 night stands on either side (2 feet per night table and 5 feet minimum for the bed frame). Add 2 feet to the room width to be able to accommodate a dresser along the side of the room. To place furniture across from your bed you will need at least 12 feet in length. Platform beds and beds with wide frames will require more space.

King size bed

For a king size bed, you’ll need an 11 foot long wall to accommodate your bed and 2 night stands on either side. And again, if you want to place a dresser along the side of the room you will need to add 2 feet to the room width. To place furniture across from your bed you will need at least 13 and a half feet in length. You’ll need more space if you are planning on purchasing a platform beds or a bed with a wide frame.

Determining your storage needs

Nothing eliminates the feeling of a personal sanctuary quicker than a huge pile of clothing sitting on your bedroom floor.

If your room is small or lacks storage space, consider purchasing a bed with storage options. Storage beds can hold a tremendous amount without taking up any more space in your room.

Someone once told me that the best way to get out of laundry duty is to have more socks and underwear than your partner – that way they’ll always need to start the laundry before you! If you have a lot of socks and underwear to put in drawers, check our out collection of chests or Hi-boy dressers – they are perfect for storing small items.

If you want to learn more or would like more information on one of our furniture pieces, contact our interior designers. Giving you access to their expert advice is a complimentary part of the customer experience at revolve furnishings. We are here to help you create your dream bedroom!

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