Planning Your Child’s Bedroom

March 13, 2013

With our cool children’s furniture options you’ll be able to create spaces that your children love so much, they’ll want to go to bed earlier!

Before you start shopping, we’ve put together some questions to help you figure out how your furniture needs to function in your child’s bedroom:

  1. How old is my child? What grade is he/she in?
  2. Are siblings sharing a room?
  3. Do I have any existing furniture that I want to keep?
  4. Will my child have sleepovers? How many children should the room accommodate for sleeping?
  5. Does my child need a workstation? If not, is this something I’ll want to incorporate in a few years?
  6. Does my child need a play area?
  7. Do I need furniture with extra storage?
  8. Should the furniture grow with my child? Or will I change the furnishings as they grow older?
  9. Will my child take the furniture when he/she moves away?
  10. How much do I want to spend?
  11. What is my timeline?

Take pictures of the existing room’s paint color, flooring and note the position of closets and windows. It’s helpful to record the room’s dimensions too. As you shop, having all of this information on hand will help you find furniture that fits into your space and takes advantage of the room’s existing features.

Ideally, your child’s room will be a comfortable space that reflects their personality and interests. Accessories will help your children express themselves. For example, place picture frames on the wall to display their personal artwork! Colorful paintings, creative lighting and stuffed animals will create a fresh and polished look! Don’t be afraid to make bold and imaginative choices in your child’s bedroom – kids love it!

Children like to be involved in creating their personal space, so we encourage you to bring them along when you visit our showroom. Our experience interior designers will help you create a unique space for your child that blends in with your long-term needs.

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