Fashion A Picture-Perfect Palette With White

March 15, 2013

Do you think decorating with white is boring? Well think again! White is an incredibly versatile neutral that can be incorporated into many decorating styles. White can be used as a foundation for your décor, or act as a luxurious and eye-catching accent. Using the right white pieces will keep your home looking fresh while avoiding the unwanted sterile look. We have a few pieces of advice for you to consider when searching for those perfect white accessories.

When choosing white furniture, try to avoid harsh lines and hard materials. This can contribute to the sterile, hospital look. Instead, choose cozy fabrics and rounded accessories for a softer look.  If you have young kids, choose a leather or suede finish on couches for easier cleaning. 

Choosing colours to pair with white is simple. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, choose colours with a grey or taupe tinge in order to avoid a pastel overload. A muted silver grey tone is another great accent to combine with white. It’s also a great idea to pair interesting finishes with white accessories. Wood and cool-coloured marble are great ways to work within a white colour palette. 

White accents are easy to accessorize. Having white walls also allows for the use of versatile paintings and other eccentric wall décor. In the bedroom, a white duvet can be dressed up and changed easily with colourful throw pillows and white curtains can be added for an airy feel.

Decorating with white can work with many different decorating themes, and it shouldn’t be feared as dull. White is great as an accent piece or as a space-enhancing base for creating a perfectly showcased home. Come visit our designers for advice on how to pick out white accessories for your home.

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