Give Your Home Office A Face-Lift

January 20, 2016

As the lines between work and home continue to blur, having a customized home office gives you a great advantage for a productive workday. Whether you work from home full time, or simply use your home office for a few hours a week, it should be a place that’s inviting and comfortable. What is the current state of your office? If you are always seeing your work spread out on the coffee table, in the kitchen or at the desk in the recesses of your basement, then this article is for you. Without a peaceful space of your own, your productivity may be less than impressive. By following these tips, you can make your home office a place you are excited to work in.

1. Location, location, location


First of all, you’ll need to find the right location to get your work done. It is easy to convert a guest bedroom or loft into an office. Choose a space that has lots of natural sunlight to keep you alert and productive. Also, make sure you have enough room to spread out your supplies. There is nothing worse then squishing all of your papers into a corner. Set up an L-shaped office desk facing a window that will offer plenty of room and natural light.

2. Choosing your furniture

When picking out your furniture, choose items that work with the décor of your home while also offering plenty of easily accessible storage. A vertical bookcase is a great way to save space and add some decor to your office area. Also, make sure to have an adjustable office chair. After all, one of the advantages of doing work at home is that you can be more comfortable while you work.

3. Add some personality

Lastly, make sure to decorate! Brighten up your workspace by painting the walls your favourite stimulating colour, hanging interesting art and including unique light fixtures for visual stimulation. Your home office should be designed to keep you refreshed and motivated.

If your current home office is looking more like a factory floor than a productive workspace, it’s time for an upgrade. The ideal office is bright, organized and decorated to perfection with your favorite décor. Put your dingy home office behind you and create an office worthy of the talented professional you are.

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