How To Create An Awe-Inspiring Bedroom Arrangement

March 27, 2013

Your bedroom should be a calming place for peace and relaxation. However, with the wrong furniture arrangement, your beautiful boudoir can turn into a nightmarish netherworld. The designers at revolve want to give you the details on arranging your bedroom furniture for the best use of your space.


A Fabulous Bed

 To craft the perfect bedroom, start with the placement of your platform bed. As the largest piece of furniture, your bed will be the focal point of your space. The best place to position your bed is in the centre of the wall opposite the door of your bedroom. You can get more creative with this positioning, such as a placing your bed diagonally if your room is large. When less space is available, it’s best to place your bed sideways along a wall, with at least two feet in between the wall and your bed.


After locating your bed in the perfect position, you can move on to accenting your space with fantastic accessories. If your bedroom is smaller, place your horizontal wooden dresser inside your closet. Use more than one source of lighting to break up your space. Consider adding a versatile light fixture for visual appeal. If you have the space, include a stylish accent chair that works with the colour scheme of your space. Make sure that all of your accessories match the size of the room.

Follow these tips to create the bedroom of your dreams, where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and relax in your own space. Your ideal resting spot can be created easily by moving beyond practicality and arranging your fabulous furniture to perfection!

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