Questions To Ask Before Furniture Shopping

May 29, 2013


For most homeowners, purchasing new furniture is a big decision. Before you begin browsing new furniture online or in store, ask yourself the following questions to give yourself some direction.


 1.     Where will the furniture be? A sofa for your formal sitting room is completely different than a sofa for your family room or game room. We adore this oversized white leather sectional for a game room or family room. The large size is comfortable and inviting, while the leather is easy to clean.


 2.     Who will be using the furniture? Just like with the location, you can narrow down your furniture choices by considering who will be using your furniture. Pets, children and roommates might impact the style and fabric choices for your new furniture. A black leather sectional would be much more suited for children than a light-coloured fabric sectional.


 3.     What height is the existing furniture in the room? In general, your furniture for one room should be around the same height. You want to avoid end tables that are too high or too short for the seating in the room. If you are adding a new piece of furniture to an existing set, it’s a good idea to take measurements if the existing furniture before buying the new additions. If you are not sure what height all of your furniture will be, a modern living room table set with different height tables is always an option.


4.     If you’re buying a chair, what will you be using it for? A chair is chair, right? Not exactly. A chair that you want to relax in is completely different than a chair you want to use for reading or accomplishing work. Even dining chairs are different based on whether you plan on mostly having intimate family dinners, sophisticated dinner parties or a combination of both.


5.     Does your coffee table need to be stylish, functional or both? Coffee tables are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in our homes. They can be a piece of art, serve as storage or simply be a surface to place a beverage. We love this black and white coffee table because it’s the perfect combination of chic and functional. Think about what purposes you would like your table to serve before you start looking.


6.     Table lamps or floor lamps? Floor lamps often provide better overall lighting for a space, while table lamps provide ample lighting, but serve more as decorative accent pieces.


By answering these questions and planning ahead, you’ll save yourself time and ensure you get the furniture pieces that will work best in your home environment. 

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