According to Ash

October 14, 2016

Welcome to the 2nd instalment of our new Design 101 Feature!

This week Ashlee-Ann was inspired by founding partner, Jeff Stoner, who asked her to order one of our hottest selling storage beds, the Farrah Fowler, in a new and groovy upholstery. Totally up for the challenge and in line with current trends, she chose a deep blue velvet for the bed.

Here's the Story Board she put together of fabrics, leathers, accessories, and glass and wood finishes from our design centre to reflect the feel she wants to display when the bed comes in. And here's why:

#1 It's all about texture. Matte velvet, next to shiny silver, next to frosted glass and marble.

#2 She wanted it to feel warm, soft, and extremely luxe.

#3 She loved the contrast of the cool colours with the warm fabrics.

Can't wait to see it when it comes in. We'll keep you posted. 

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