According to Ash: Blue Heaven

November 25, 2016

Welcome to the 8th Episode of our new Design 101 Blog, According to Ash.

This week Ashlee-Ann wanted to celebrate this Fall's Coolest Hot Colour: Blue. Blue can be dressed in many ways from Country to Casual to Contemporary. But here's how you make it Chic:

#1 How about a Sapphire Sectional? With a Peacock Rug.

#2 What goes awesome with Blue? Crisp White.

#3 We need a second neutral to ground the space. Shiny Black.

We also love how the grey flannel of the Astor Easy Chair picks up the grey in the Peacock feathers and the marble veins in the Pear Sculptures. It adds a warm texture mid tone and richness to the space. 

For more info on these products contact Ash or come lounge in this heavenly space in person at our South Showroom.

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