According to Ash: Episode 5

November 04, 2016

Design 101: Girly Black Leather and Concrete?

This week Ashlee-Ann and the team did a big move in the Showroom at CrossIron Mills. The new Ghost Collection arrived with pieces for the living room, dining room, bedroom and office. So, of course, we had to do a live video shoot!

Not wanting to use the same style as last week, Ashlee-Ann dressed the space with a more feminine feel, softening the hard edges of the concrete topped Ghost pieces. But the black leather Hydra with the charcoal fabric Dalton and Hans chairs made the look far from girly. Here's how her design process proceeded:

#1 Oooooh! Fluffy pink blanket!

#2 Let's find matching pillows. And artwork. Which looks best?

#3 Wouldn't rose gold accessories look awesome. And some large white pieces to lighten up the dark wood.

Done. And Fabulous! It's even cooler in person. Check out the Ghost Collection at our South Store location as well.


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