According to Ash: Let's go Nutty!

October 04, 2017

Yes, now that Ashlee-Ann has gone on Maternity Leave we're all going a little nutty, but we just have to ask ourselves: 'What would Ashlee do?' Before she left she did give us a few tips for the upcoming Calgary Woman's Show Fall 2017 at the BMO Centre October 21st and 22nd. And that also involves going nutty. Wal-nutty that is!

For the Spring Woman's Show Ash went Glitzy Girly so she decided to change it up for the Fall and go for Warm Walnut. Soft fabrics and rounded edges make this a cozy set up for the coming cold.

Here's how she went nutty without losing her mind:

1. Set the stage with the stunning Chomsky Sofa in Teal Fabric and rounded Walnut Legs.

2. Add in the quirky Quasar Coffee and End Tables and the walnut accented Perey Chair in Light Grey Fabric.

3. Set the beautifully grained Havana Dining Table with Turquoise Nikola Dining Chairs and Grey Behring Arm Chairs at either end.

It's a solid (pun intended) start and Ash put her faith in her protogé Shaelyn Oullette to add the finishing touches. Shaelyn will be keeping the revolve Calgary showroom shiny while Ashlee-Ann is enjoying motherhood. Stay tuned for tips from Shaelyn in her new blog: the Shaelyn Show!

And come see how this all turns out at the  Calgary Woman's Show Fall 2017 at the BMO Centre October 21st and 22nd. See you there!



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