According to Ash: Shades of....Purple

December 30, 2016

For the last week of 2016 Ashlee-Ann chose to bring the new Orly Sofa to the showroom in a fabric called Highland Drizzle.

What colour is that exactly? Upholstery fabrics, like paint colours are often tagged with creative, yet unhelpful names. 

Ok so...Highland: Scotland, mountains, ah Heather. Purple.

Aaand Drizzle: rainy, wet, cold, dreary.  Grey?

When it arrived on the floor it turned out to be a gorgeous sofa covered in a luxurious grey, mauve, beige fabric with a very slight herringbone pattern. Awesome. Way better than the name.

So Ash decided to style it warm, elegant, and feminine, in shades of Purple. Like a place you'd like to come in from the rain. In Scotland. Here's how it went:


#1 Pull out the purple undertone of the Orly Sofa with purple accessories.

#2 Add the new Howden Fireplace in wenge for warmth and balance it with the Noho Coffee table in black oak.

#3 Enhance the elegance with brushed chrome, faux fur,shiny glass, and marble.

 Far from dreary now.

We especially like the subtle swirly tones in the area rug that flow nicely with the sofa and are mirrored in the artwork. Come cuddle up in person at our South Showroom.

 And have a Happy New Year from the whole revolve team!

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