According to Ash: The 7th Styling

November 18, 2016

We've been telling you for weeks about the new Karhu Collection so you can tell we're really excited about it.

It's mod, updated wingback styling at an awesomely attainable price is hard to resist. Ashlee-Ann brought all the pieces together at the showroom this week with a cool and cozy, almost cabin-like result. Her plan was to make it soft and inviting with a touch of wild. And here's how she did it:

#1  Add White and Aqua for cooool.

#2  Add Tons of Texture for cozy. Count them. We'll quiz you later*.

#3  Add Deers for wild. And a White Elephant. We don't want to take this too seriously.


*We counted at least 7 different Textures:

Reclaimed Wood: the Barn Bedroom Collection  Concrete: the new Remy Coffee Table  Grey Flannel: the Karhu's  Fur: blankets and pillows  Linen: the shades on the Sherwood Table Lamps  Leather: the White Gauss Chair and Ryoga, the White Elephant  Woven: the awesome area rugs


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