According to......Ron: The Winter Blues

February 03, 2017

While Ash is beating her Winter Blues in Hawaii this week, revolve designer Ron Hahn is taking over to help you with yours. According to Ron, it's a great time to have the Blues!  

Turquoise and Teal have been having a nice stay over the last two years but they must finally give way.  Make room for the Cobalts and Nave Blues. Navy Blue can sometimes serve as one of the monochromatic grounding colours like Black, Brown, Grey, or White. Who knows if it's going to go that far, but it is a good friend to all the grey we have been accumulating over the last past few years.

Look for the Darker Blues to take a bigger role in design this year. Pair this with your existing Teals, Turquoise, Whites, and Greys.

Just a note of caution though: it's easy when you pair Navy Blue and White to slip into a nautical theme. If you don't want to go there, watch the style of your accent pieces and insure there are Greys or even Mauves to offset. Oranges also work well, but reds might set you on the Red White and Blue theme.

Otherwise, embrace the Blues. There always a good design bet when they come on the colour scene.  

Now appearing in Blue at our Main Showroom and pictured above: the Meiji Fabric Sectional in Sapphire, the Arber Curvy Leather Sectional in navy, the Jimi Swivel Chair in Blue, and many awesome accessories.


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