Desiree on Design

March 10, 2017


Welcome to our newest blog series featuring, Desiree van Domselaar, sales manager for our glossy retro location opening in Edmonton this month.  She comes to us with panache, personality, and a solid design background. And she'll be bringing us the latest tips and trends Edmonton-style. Because, for certain, each city has it's own fashion flavour.

Here’s a little taste of her philosophy:

Your home should welcome you home...when you open the door, and step into your pad, it’s meant to feel like a great big hug. Or a breath of fresh air… to comfort you, reflect you, feel like your sanctuary after a long day out in the world. It’s also meant to inspire and delight you. Why?


Because your home is a metaphor for your relationship with yourself.

*Record scratch* What??

I'm totally serious! Read on to find out what I mean...

Done well, a professionally designed home will do all these things and more. Like a great hair cut, or an outfit that compliments your natural body shape, your home looks and functions best when it's an accurate reflection of your lifestyle, taste and works to create harmony and an easy flow between the physical spaces. As an added bonus, just like when you get a kick-ass hair cut, or slip into a super sexy outfit that fits like a glove, be prepared to feel like a million bucks (and to be inundated with a ton of compliments!) And the surprising part? It's not even the compliments from others that makes you feel so good, (not that it hurts, either!!) but rather, it's the care and attention you gave to yourself that does. (I'm speaking from personal experience here!) It might sound cheesy, but taking the time to design a space that accurately reflects you is totally an act of self-care. And when your tanks are full, you work better. You have access to more energy, more creativity, more vim. 


 In the same sense that having clothes that don't fit, or don't compliment your shape, or you just don't like drags you down and can start a mental spiral of negativity, the same is true for your home. Hate your furniture? Awkward space? Embarrassed to have friends over? Does it feel like MORE work when you come home from work? Yuck! Who needs that? It's not a sustainable way to live if every day you come home, you feel bogged down a little more...frustrated and uninspired. 

 This starting to make some sense?


Your home is meant to be your castle, your art piece and your sanctuary. To be a reflection of the care you have for yourself, and for those that share your space with you. At revolve we totally get that, which is why we don't have sales staff, we have designers. Between our gorgeous furniture, their knack for getting to heart of your vision, and expertise in bringing it to life, be prepared for a fun & exciting experience that's way more comfortable than you've ever had at a furniture store before!

Curious about what the revolve difference is all about? We'd love to meet you!

Come down and say hello. Grab a complimentary treat from the candy bar, a warm drink, and then ignite your imagination as you chat with our friendly designers and stroll through our beautiful 24,000 sq/ft of inviting, sexy, playful, and of course, stylish space! With new items arriving every week, no two visits will ever be the same. 

Ready to show you and your space some love? Join the revolve-lution!"

Desiree van Domselaar, Sales Manager, revolve Edmonton



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