Desiree on Design: That thing we do

April 21, 2017

Welcome to the second instalment our new blog series by Desiree van Domselaar, sales manager for our glossy new showroom now open in Edmonton.

Ever wonder why some places have that certain "je ne sais quoi"? That, as one of my clients explained waving her hands in the air, "THING" that makes the space pop? Why some rooms/homes/people feel like they fall flat, while others just seem to have a certain light? 

It's not by accident, nor reserved for only a select lucky few. In fact, vibrant beautiful spaces, like bright shining people, are the result of combining 2 main elements: 

One is the "math" or "external forces" of good design that takes into account space planning, lighting, proven colour combinations and other tangible, measurable elements. 

The other, often lesser understood aspect, is a more "internal affair"... it's about how well that space accurately reflects the personality, ideals, dreams and "feel" of the person or people it belongs to, and most importantly how clearly, boldly and authentically that's expressed.

Every home is reflection of the people who reside in it. Is there space for each member, each with a unique room that is an accurate representation of who they are? Do these individual styles work to create a functioning beautiful whole, or just a crazed and overwhelming jumble of clashing forces? 

Or, do you feel like overall it's okay, but the space is just MISSING something? An unidentifiable something needed to bring it to life and create harmony among all the various elements? 

Your life truly is meant to be delightful, inside and out; And at revolve, the designers here love to really get to know you and your style, and work with with you to create beautiful spaces in the time frame that works, within the budget you're comfortable with and, of course, with a completely unique panache and style that is 100% you.  

They're design specialists and are amazing at identifying exactly that special touch that's needed to bring it all together. It's that thing we do.

It's about you, and your home. Let's celebrate both! 

Come visit Desiree and the Team at 4219 99th St. in Edmonton. And right now you can Plan & Save by creating a free floor sketch with one of our talented designers and saving the GST on your entire purchase! Because we believe great design doesn't happen by accident.

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