HE SHED, SHE SHED: Decorating Tiny Spaces

March 07, 2022


Tiny spaces are all the rage right now as we try to carve out a peaceful place in our hectic world. If you don't have room at your place for a Man Cave or Diva Den, there's a modern space-saving alternative: The He Shed/She Shed. These mini-homes are the perfect oasis when you need peace, quiet, and a place to call all your own.

Here are some of our favourite tips on decorating your very own backyard retreat.

1. Opt for multipurpose furniture

A sofa bed, a bookshelf with a built-in desk, or a coffee table with storage - multipurpose furniture is the perfect way to save space! And thanks to the tiny home trend, there are plenty of modern and innovative designs for multipurpose furniture. We recommend industrial and earthy tones for a masculine vibe while pastels and gold give a feminine touch.

2. Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of a bigger space. For a HE SHED/SHE SHED, mirrors can make your haven feel more airy and less cramped. We recommend placing one large mirror at the focal point when you enter the shed and a few smaller ones throughout.

3. Add the right amount of lighting

In addition to natural light, placing additional lighting throughout the shed opens up the space and brings in more warmth. Because you’re working with a small area, you’ll want to keep floor lamps to a minimum and instead combine a floor lamp with table lamps, ceiling lighting, wall sconces, and string lights.

In 2018, Revolve Furnishings was involved in the glam interior design for the He Shed/She Shed Feature at the Edmonton Fall Home Show. Here’s what one of our professional merchandisers recommended to play up space:


  1. Choose leather and concrete, such as navy blue leather club chairs and grey/black living room tables to contrast against the wood interior of the shed.
  2. Pops of red to liven up the industrial feel.
  3. Bar cart and TV console for entertaining/watching sports.


  1. Grey, purple & white velvets, faux fur, and a shag rug make for a rich, cozy, feminine space to escape to.
  2. What goes better with velvet than gold?
  3. A comfy, modern chaise to curl up on, a small table to have a cup of tea with a friend at, and a storage bench for extra seating/to hide away extra blankets or books. The perfect pieces for a woman's backyard retreat!

For cost savings without sacrificing luxury and appeal, check out Revolving Furnishings specials. We are Calgary's choice for the most unique and gorgeous modern furniture for the savvy and stylish shopper!

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