How to find the perfect lighting for your bedroom

October 27, 2021

Lighting in the bedroom is integral for creating the ambience for an intimate space. Most people know that there is no room for bright fluorescent lights in the bedroom, but ensuring you have the perfect balance of just enough but not too much lighting can be a challenging road to navigate. Pot lights, chandeliers, table lamps, or standing lamps?! The list can seem endless and overwhelming. So, together with our team of dedicated designers, we have put together this simple but comprehensive list of tips that you can use while designing and/or shopping for new lighting for your bedroom space.

Most master bedrooms are equipped with large windows which offer ample natural light. Natural sunlight creates a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom throughout the day; however, in the early hours of the morning or evening hours, natural light almost always needs to be supplemented. Typically lighting can be broken down into 3-4 categories, these include:

Overhead lighting

This one is just as it sounds, but most people's mindset quickly reverts to “pot lights”. Not in our space though. Overhead lighting can be so much more than basic pot lights.

Choosing a stunning overhead light fixture such as a chandelier can complement your bedroom's unique design while also serving its necessary purpose. Another benefit to overhead lighting is that because it is typically wired into your electrical system, there is often the option to add dimmers and/or switches to control the lighting as needed. Overhead lighting offers an all-purpose solution to lighting. At our Calgary home furnishing store, you can select from a wide range of lighting options to find the perfect fixture to suit your home.

Accent lighting

Make it pretty but practical.

Table lamps and floor lamps primarily fall into the accent lighting category. Accent lamps can offer your space artistic appeal, a cozy feel, or both. Accent lighting is also typically low wattage so it won't cost you to have it on. Accent lighting is a perfect addition to have on while you’re watching a movie or spending quality time with your family; these lights offer you just enough when you need that little bit of light to warm up the space. Add your unique character to your space with accent lighting that speaks to you.

Task lighting

Did you know that your reading lamp can actually look beautiful and complement your space?! If you didn’t, now you do.

Say goodbye to clunky ugly reading lamps and say hello to beautiful modern complimentary fixtures. Task lighting should add function but flexibility to your bedroom space. These fixtures are best installed in dark corners or on either side of the bed to offer you that little bit of extra light when performing a specific task, like reading or getting ready. Many Calgary furnishing stores offer unique task lighting options, but what sets us apart from the others is that we have designers on the floor at the store that can talk you through and help you find the perfect lighting for you.

Our biggest tip for those looking to completely revamp their bedroom lighting fixtures is to choose multiple (two or more) light sources or fixtures. Having lighting options allows you the flexibility to utilize the light when and where it is needed. For example, a reading light is not the same light you need to check your outfit in the mirror or set the mood for an intimate evening. By having multiple fixtures, they can serve multiple purposes and this will leave you feeling relaxed instead of strained in the bedroom. Want to learn more? Talk to one of our designers today!

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