How to give your guest room a modern feel

August 31, 2021

Have you signed up for Airbnb and are expecting visitors to stay over in your guest room? Maybe you just have friends and family coming to visit. Either way, putting a little effort into making your guest room extra welcoming will go a long way. Your Airbnb guests will be more likely to stay with you again if they are happy with the accommodations. Head to a Calgary modern furniture store to find contemporary furniture you can decorate your guest room with, giving it a welcoming vibe.
Here are some great tips on items to purchase at the contemporary furniture store in Calgary that will add oomph to your guest space.


Adding light, modern shelving units will not only look chic but allow your guests somewhere to put all their accessories. Contemporary furniture has clean lines and takes up less space than a traditional wooden bookcase leaving plenty of room for your guests to wander around.


Place an extra chair or two in your guest room so there is a spot for your guests to relax and perhaps read a book by the window. Natural materials with vibrant colours will add a splash of fun to your room and leave a good impression on your guests. Your Calgary modern furniture store will have several uniquely shaped chairs to choose from. Don’t be afraid to get funky seating with wood, stainless steel or glass accents to give the feel of a modern space.

Desk and Baskets

Adding a small desk to your guest room will be great for those who are working remotely. They can stay at your place to relax while getting their work done if required. Place the desk away from the bed to allow a separation between work and relaxation. Choosing a glass top desk that can double as a dining table is the perfect way to allow your guests to enjoy their morning coffee while catching up on the news.

Adding some baskets under the desk or beside it will be great for those local magazines you want to leave for your guests to read. Baskets can also be used as a trash bin for recycling paper drafts your guests have been working on. The weaved basket is a versatile accessory and a very modern way to accent a room. Get creative with your furniture choices.

Art and Light

Purchasing colourful artwork to hang in your guest room really adds personality to the space. Artwork makes a room seem more like home. Choose an abstract image that is reminiscent of the ocean or something with a geometric design for that ultra-contemporary look. Art brightens a space up and a bright room is one of the main elements of a modern room. It’s a good idea to open the blinds to allow the sun to shine in for a happy vibe and modern feel.

Time to go shopping at a contemporary furniture store in Calgary and get that guest room contemporized before your guests start arriving.

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