J-enim: Gotta have it? Make it Stop!

September 27, 2016

It all started with Jeggings and then got way out of hand. Or did it? With demin more important than ever this fall, it seems to be used to cover everything from bodies to furniture to walls. 

I'm sure everyone remembers years ago how cool that Ralph Lauren paint wash was that came with a special roller. Or was it? Ya it was then, but is it making a come back? But do we call them J-alls?

Now we have J-uits and J-irts. Are they jean skirts or shirts? J-inis, maybe? And J-oots. In the furniture world we have J-ouches or J-ofas. I had a J-uton back when the kids were little. J-airs, J-ools, oh, and J-illows.

And behold the J-ed.

As Calgarians, we are inundated with denim for 10 days every year during the Calgary Stampede. Does that make us J-algarians?

When the late Joan Rivers wasn't sure what was coolish and what was foolish, she asked her Joan Rangers: Gotta Have it or Make it Stop? So we're asking you, Furniture Fashionistas. Here's your chance. Do you think we should keep the J in J-enim or let our Jeans speak for themselves. Let us know how you really feel.



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