Living room ideas: 3 tips using modern furniture

March 08, 2021

The living room. Often where family and friends gather, relax, do homework, play, and entertain. If you’re a new homeowner, decorating a new open area is both challenging and exciting. If you’re looking to change up your current living room with interior modern furniture, the question is - where do you even start? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our top tips on decorating your living room with modern furniture.

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Tip #1: Start with choosing a specific type of modern theme

There are many, many types of different contemporary themes that you can work with. From modern boho, mid-century inspired modern, light and airy, and minimalistic to industrial modern.
We recommend browsing through images of modern living rooms that stand out to you. To help you narrow down your choices, save a few pictures in a folder and come back to it later. You’ll likely find that, although each picture is different in their own way, the theme is the same. Once you’ve identified the theme that you gravitate to, it’s time to choose a focal point.

Tip #2: Choose a piece of furniture or accessory as your guide

When it comes to home decor, it can be easy to get carried away or distracted by beautiful pieces that may not match the look you’re going for. The best way to stay focused is to choose a focal point. Whether it’s a couch, art piece, or rug, it should be something that you absolutely love. Having this item as your base simplifies the process and makes it easier to choose additional pieces that complement the theme.

Tip #3: Get help from our Interior Designer and Decorator

Now that you have a theme and a focal point, this is often where it gets overwhelming and where people have many questions. What size rug would be best? How should I place my furniture? Should I have a coffee table? What other interior modern furniture would make sense?
This is where our interior designers and decorator can help. We have the experience of decorating living room spaces in every type of theme and the knowledge of good interior design practices that will tie everything together. Remember, your home is your oasis and you should be able to enjoy your space. If you’re feeling lost with decorating, bring in your blueprints and drawings. We also make house calls to design and decorate your place on-site. Our designers are ready to help!

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