It's Something to Sing About, This Land of Ours.

June 29, 2017

With Canada Day coming up and being that it's our whopping 150th there's lots of patriotism going on. And we're getting on the bandwagon because it's something to sing about, this land of ours.

For those of you who didn't learn the song--that almost became our national anthem--in school, Cubs, or Brownies, like we had to, here's a nice folksy rendition.

From the Vancouver Island to the Alberta Highlands

Cross the Prairies, the Lakes, to Ontario's Towers

From the sound of Mount Royal's Chimes, Out to the Maritimes

It's something to sing about, this land of ours.

And some of us who were around for the Centennial, if only as toddlers, will remember this little ditty; CA-NA-DA.  We played it over and over on Grandpa's 1940's cabinet record player in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. And proudly sang along. One little Two little Three Canadians....

Now here's a cool thing.  If you ask anyone sitting near you at this very moment chances are good that one of their grandparents was not born in Canada. Very few Canadians can trace their entire family back to more than 2 generations living in Canada. And and most of these grandparents did not speak English.

My fiercely patriotic Grandpa with the record player who bought the little 45 record of CA-NA-DA for his grandchildren to play in 1967, was born in Russia in 1900 and emigrated with his family in 1905 to homestead in Saskatchewan. His first language was German and so was my Father's.

This is not unusual. But it is fabulous. People from all over the world leave their nice warm countries, go through great personal sacrifice, to find a better life in Canada. In order survive the cold and the uncertainty, they have to be pretty tenacious people. And they've been doing this for centuries. That's why we are who we are.

Even Mike Myers says so: Our Journey to 150

As a multicultural Canadian owned and operated company, revolve furnishings is proud to be Canadian and carry furniture, not only from Canadian Companies, but made right here in Canada. 'Cause that's how we survive the weather. We support each other.

And, as Canadians, where would we be without the National Film Board of Canada to end on a patriotic, but not so serious note: The Log Driver's Waltz.

So, Enjoy your Canada Day with your family and take a minute to think about all the amazing people who brought you here to this land of ours.

Special Thanks to Linda Gehl, in Hodgeville, SK who sent this video of Grandpa's record player with the actual record we listened to 50 years ago on the turntable. The record player doesn't play any more, but it sure reminds us of the summers when our lives used to revolve around it. Thanks Sis!



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