Modern decor ideas for your living room this fall

November 09, 2021


The brisk, cool autumn air blew in quickly this fall. One moment we were enjoying warm, summer-like afternoons and the next it was time for a sweater. Honestly, there isn’t much room for us to complain though because with the season change, comes a decor refresh.

Fall is by far one of our favourite seasons to design for because the canvas is relatively blank; with the exception of playing with warm tones, there really isn’t a rule book to follow. Transforming your home into a warm and cozy escape can be accomplished with simple accents like textiles and decor, and can all be performed on a budget. Whether you love the traditional mini pumpkins and candles or want to keep it more modern with an avant-garde vase and a new throw, we hope to inspire you with a few ideas on how to decorate your living room this fall!

Turn up the textiles

Textiles are one of the most cost-effective and dramatic ways to change the way your space looks and feels from season to season. Opting for some new throw pillows or a blanket can really transform your space. This fall, we are seeing a lot of warm tones when it comes to throw pillows, which was to be expected.

Patterns have faded out a bit and people are now choosing to mix bold fabrics, ie: linen and velvet, or a thick knit and cotton. We are loving all of the mixing and matching. Textiles don’t just stop at pillows though, you could add some beautiful fall character to your living room with a wicker “blanket basket” filled with warm coloured blankets made from different fabrics.

Autumn-inspired centrepieces

Change up the look and feel of your living room space with a new centrepiece for your coffee table. Centrepiece decor is so unique and a lot of fun to design, and the best part is it can speak to your unique style. This season, we are loving a tray organized with a floral or some greenery, a coffee table book, maybe a candle, and even some fall-esque decorative pieces like some mini pumpkins, pinecones, or leaves. The coffee table centrepiece is where you can let your inner “basic” take over.

A season of mixed metals and wood

If you want your decor to “dazzle” this autumn, we would suggest adding some metal accents and/or wood into your decor elements. These could be incorporated through a lamp, bowl, vase etc. Adding a little sparkle to fall decor is our secret for this season. Don’t feel nervous to play with different metals or different coloured woods, having a mix of materials will add character to your living room space.

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