Is it wrong to say 'Girly'?

May 04, 2018

In the Calgary Showroom this week our Merchandiser, Lindsey Chase, was challenged to choose her favourite room setting from all the fab new pieces she'd put together recently. She went straight to this luxe Rose Gold and Navy grouping. Is it wrong to describe this space as 'Girly'?

We do lots of spaces that we describe as bachelor pads that don't exlude bachelorettes. And lots of man caves in which women are certainly right at home. I like to think men are not above enjoying a space that has a more glam and feminine bent. And we're all about breaking the rules. After all our motto is...

think sexy. be rebellious. redefine modern.

In her own words, here is how Lindsey put this scintillating space together:

1) I was going for plush and playing with texture to balance and soften the strict lines of the concrete pieces from the Ghost Collection

2) The introduction of Rose Gold plays with the texture of the Navy Velvet on the Absinthe Set to give a feminine warmth. But my main concern was dressing the set too girly, so the concrete lamps and the AMAZING art helped to keep things plush but edgy.

3) I love a bed dressed full of pillows and when beds look so inviting and luxurious, so I went with lots of pillows to compliment the scale and grandness of the King Size Bed, and make a space that has an immediate visual impact, and allure.

Come in, grab a complimentary vanilla latte, and lounge in this space in person at our Calgary Showroom. You can also find Lindsey and our fab design team there to join you for a chat. See you soon!

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