Samantha Style: Don't forget the Bling!

April 13, 2017

Welcome to the second instalment of Samantha Stevens' revolve blog. Sam is the Merchandiser for our new Showroom now open in Edmonton and she's excited to show off the glitzy Accessories Room she just created.

How do you take all these awesome, yet random objects and put them in an appealing order? We all have that issue when we have found, inherited, or quirky pieces that we love, but don't fit in with the rest of our space. Here's how Samantha makes clutter into cool:

#1 Group like objects together. Samantha chose to group her accessories by what they were made of: Woods together, Rose Gold together, Colourful together.

#2 Pull out Vignettes to showcase objects that go well together. Samantha made a neutral sitting area with a pop of purple, a turquoise showcase with glass and glossy crab shadowboxes, and a glam corner with bright accents.

#3 To make her Glam Corner, she started with the Welcome letters made of multi-coloured magazine pages, then chose the mod bulls eye toss and striped elephant to compliment and finished off with shiny hanging hearts for bling. Don't forget the bling!

Having said all that, how does this apply to your home? Easy. Samantha had to do it all in one room, but you have many in your house. Showcase a different collection in each one. If you have more collections than rooms, you can rotate your accessories. Give each one it's time to shine, then put it away for a while and let another take it's place. As they say, a change is as good as a rest! And it will keep your space looking fresh and new and full of things you love.

Come by and see all these fab finds in person at our Showrooms in Edmonton and Calgary. Maybe even start a whole new collection just in time for Spring!  

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