Senior-friendly furniture for your new and improved office space

October 24, 2021

Retirement and senior living offers the luxury of stepping out of the office and into hard-earned vacation living; however, the work doesn’t necessarily stop the day you leave the office. Attending to your personal duties continues to be a priority and therefore it is important to have the proper office set up in your home to complete your work. At Revolve Furnishings, we offer unique and functional modern furniture in Calgary, with a large array of office furniture. Our supportive and knowledgeable team can offer you advice on everything from space-saving desks, to ergonomic chair options, helping you find exactly what’s best for your senior lifestyle and workload.

The modern office

A few of our favourite modern office pieces include:

Tyler Office Chair - Revolve Furnishings Calgary

  • The Tyler Office Chair - Modern, sleek, clean, adjustable and supportive. This office chair offers flexibility, mobility, and adjustability without compromising style. Look good, feel good in the Tyler office chair.

Owen Office Chair - Revolve Furnishing Calgary

  • The Owen Office Chair - This comfortable office chair offers modern and urban design elements such as a big, deep bucket seat. In addition, the contrasting colours offer a unique pop of character, suitable for most modern office spaces.

Mickey Desk - Revolve Furnishings Calgary

  • The Mickey Desk - A solid live edge desk supported by geometric brass legs, this piece is the definition of stunning office furniture. Additionally, the Mickey is a sturdy desk without the sturdy weight, so it is easy to move around in your space.

The minimalist workspace

A few of our favourite minimalist pieces include:

Tanner Office Chair - Revolve Furnishings Calgary

  • The Tanner Office Chair - This contemporary office chair is minimal with a punch. The black mesh seat, sleek design, and adjustable stainless steel mobile base make it ideal for a minimalist office space.

Arabella Office Chair - Revolve Furnishings Calgary

  • The Arabella Office Chair - This clamshell seatback-shaped chair with channel tufting is a fun take on a swivel office chair. Designed with a number of charming yet sleek elements, the Arabella offers an intriguing look for any office space.

Madrid Desk - Revolve Furnishings Calgary

  • The Madrid Desk - There’s no gadgets or gizmos on this distinguished desk, instead just beautiful contemporary design. The rich wood base is complemented by the industrial concrete top, working together symbiotically to create a stylish minimalist piece. Each desk is crafted from a natural concrete mix which makes each one look unique. The Madrid desk is the perfect complement to a minimalist room that desires just a subtle touch of personality.

The “space-saving” study

A few of our favourite space-saving pieces include:

Rupert Desk and Bookcase - Revolve Furnishings Calgary

  • Rupert Desk and Bookcase - Yes, you heard that right, a desk and bookcase - all in one. This dynamic duo comes loaded with tons of storage, making it ideal for a small corner or closet office space. Choose your stain and colour options and adjust the height of the structure to suit your home's needs.

Irondale Modular Desk - Revolve Furnishings Calgary

  • The Irondale Modular Desk - Another piece that offers flexibility, so that you can create an office space almost anywhere in your home. With two drawers and two sliding door compartments, this desk offers a stylish structure AND functional design.

As one of the most recognized modern furniture stores in Calgary, we carry a remarkable variety of unique and sleek modern office furniture. Now, what’s important to note is that style does not and should not sacrifice functionality. You can find shapes and styles of desks, chairs, decor, and storage that suit your modern design preferences while ensuring that you have proper lumbar support, adjustable seat height, ergonomic set up, etc. Experience this difference when shopping for modern furniture in Calgary when you shop online or in person with our team at Revolve Furnishings.

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