Sofa Beds: You've come a long way, Baby!

November 15, 2017

Remember when you first moved away from home and the only sofa you could get your hands on was the wildly checked sofa bed from your best friend's parents' basement? Super heavy and horribly uncomfortable, you proudly displayed it in your basement apartment and even made your parents sleep on it when they came to visit.

Or there was the cherry velvet camelback davenport in your favourite Aunt's house that you sat on your whole life and then one day, when you came over to stay as an adult, the old girl flipped it down and made a bed out of it. Cool!  Except that it was overstuffed, high in the middle, and you rolled off it all night!

And OMG, what about the futon sofa bed? Fine for the first set of guests, but soon after degenerating into a heavy flat hard musty pancake. And then there was the sofa bed in my sister's basement that was lower at the head than the foot so you felt like you were sleeping upside down all night. My poor parents.

Well, you've come a long way, Baby! And so has the Sofa Bed! Sleek and stylish, they now come as sectionals with storage and with quality mattresses just as comfy as your own bed. Available in modern styles and fabrics, they are no longer relegated to the basement, but can be shown off in family rooms, guest rooms and offices everywhere!

Just in time for the Holiday Season, be kind to your guests and choose one of the new models that revolve furnishings has in stock!  Except for that one brother-in-law that drives you insane every time he visits. He can sleep on the old one.

The Daei Fold Down Davenport

The Garth Pull Out Sectional

The Gavin Traditional Sofa Bed

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