Terrific tips to transform your living room with a modern sofa

May 03, 2021

Are you looking for a new sofa to give your living room a fresh look? With many home furnishings in Calgary, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some tips on how to transform your living space with a modern sofa.


But first, what makes a sofa modern?

Vivid colours and solid edges accompanied by wood or stainless-steel legs all make up a modern look. Many other characteristics can also go into a modern couch. If you are unsure about how to choose the specifics of a modern sofa, our interior designers can help at our Calgary home furnishings store.



When it comes to size, modern furniture is great since many of today’s showroom pieces are flexible. What does flexible mean when it comes to furniture? Furniture that can be easily transformed for secondary use such as a sofa that folds out into a bed. You can get a sectional with a moveable chaise lounge piece to accommodate whichever side you want to spread out on in the moment. A flexible sofa gives you the chance to have options instead of adding to your cost by purchasing two pieces of furniture. Next time you have a friend over they can sleep comfortably on a rollaway instead of tossing and turning all night on a sofa with little space.


Colour and pattern

Have fun picking out your furniture at a modern sofa store. Modern sofas have an array of colours and patterns to choose from, letting you express your personality and inner interior designer through your couch. Go ahead, mix and match a checkered purple wall with a blue circle pattern for your new sofa. Mixing and matching are very in right now and gives your space a unique look.



Not only do modern sofas come in an array of colours and patterns but they come in a wide selection of textiles too. The material you choose says a lot about you and gives your space a very different look depending on what you end up buying. Here are some fabric options you might consider:


  • Velvet
  • A velvet finish gives off a feminine vibe while showing that you have classic tastes. Is this true to who you are? Then a velvet sofa might be the right choice for you! Bonus: Velvet is extremely soft and comfortable so it’s perfect for cuddling during movie nights on the couch with your loved one.


  • Leather
  • Leather is an extremely durable textile. This might be the right choice for you if you have children and pets that often roll around on the couch. Are you someone who enjoys watching tv while sipping on a drink and munching on your favourite snack? Leather is soft and subtle and can handle spills by simply wiping them up with a damp cloth. You can count on leather to provide comfort that lasts, possibly making it, as mentioned earlier, the right choice for you!


  • Polyester
  • As a soft, easy to clean fabric, polyester is a great choice for you if you like simplicity. This fabric is easy to clean and gives off a minimalistic vibe with its smooth appearance. It is often blended with other fabrics like cotton and wool. Whatever look you choose from your modern sofa store, know that you have lots of options. Get started today on your hunt for that perfect relaxing piece of furniture for your home.

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