The Colours of 2023

December 30, 2022

With the new year approaching, we’ve compiled our favorite designs for the upcoming year's colour trends to help you feel inspired to design your perfect space. The colour trends we love this year are not just chosen at random, instead, there is meaningful intent behind them and why they are so popular.

As a high-end furniture in Calgary, we believe that the colours of 2023 highlight essential design elements that will bring lasting beauty and comfort to your home. Take a look at some of the mood boards our designers have created for our favourite colour palettes and trends that you can incorporate into your living room furniture, bedroom, office, and any space in your home.


1. Earth Tones

Earth tones are a forever trend, meaning it’s something that will stick around through various design and style trends. After all, what is more timeless than the earth itself?

Earth tones include variations of green, orange, brown, beiges, and natural materials. Colours that play off of organic elements can also include beautiful neutral tones like white, stone grays, and sandy beiges. Perhaps the most appealing design aspect of earthy colours is the ability to pair with nearly any existing items you have in your home. Organic coloured accents can provide a simple visual interest to your space while softening any bold or strong elements.

There has been a huge move toward biophilic design, which aims to bring humans closer to nature and promote healthier, cleaner, and more productive spaces for us. Our human connection to nature strengthens when we incorporate biophilic elements and hues into our space. Bringing these earthy elements into our homes and interior environments helps us to create relaxing and calming moods.


Over the last year, earth tones and natural materials grew in popularity and will only continue to gain momentum this year. Some examples of natural materials include rattan, raw or finished woods, natural stones, and organic fabrics like linen and leather.

An essential aspect of using earth tones is creating harmony in your room. Harmony can be achieved by blending contrasting or complimenting items in an arrangement that brings a cohesive appearance. Repetition across your room is a general design practice to ensure unity; however, using different textures, shapes, materials, and lines add variety that helps pull things together.

Using enough repetition of a neutral colour or texture across your room grounds the space, making it easier to introduce a statement piece with a bolder colour or texture to the room that blends well and feels cohesive.


Typically, earth tones are used to create soft, warm, and cozy interior environments and offer a relaxing atmosphere with their subdued hues. However, can be easily transitioned for more bold interiors with the use of deep forest greens, rich clay colours, and dark accents like dark gray and black to ground the room. 

Our designer, Charmaine, created a mood board inspired by soft and neutral earth tones, below, which is influenced by Japandi design.


Japandi is a combination of Japanese Zen and Scandinavian designs that focuses on natural materials, clean lines, simple forms and subdued colors. It is minimalist yet relaxing, calm, and welcoming. Earthy interiors can have darker accents inspired by dark natural colors. Vibrant biphilic colors can also be incorporated through accent chairsarea rugs or any decorative accents.

Our designer tips: 

  • Firstly, understand the type of feel you want your space to have. Identify the main color you want in your space, this will help determine the tone of accent colors. Add a warm or cool touch to the space with toss cushions, accent chairs, throw blankets, and decorations like storage baskets, candles, or plants. 
  • Light and clean colours pair well with neutral earth tones like sage green or tan leather. 
  • Soft and organic tones pair beautifully with bold home accents like a black ceramic vase, and concrete or metal accent tables. 
  • Embrace natural shapes and textures. Not everything has to be a clean line, add textures that can give a rustic yet refined look.


Some of our favorites are the Natura CollectionLauryn ArmchairReeses Sofa in Moss Green, and the Skye Natural Lamp.


1. Jewel Tones

Another aesthetic that has lasted not just years, but centuries and has proved itself to have lasting, timeless appeal is jewel tones. These colours have historically been used for years to represent wealth and establishment in royalty and high-class families. Today, they bring an elevated appeal to interiors that can be used subtly or boldly to make a statement in your space. Jewel tones are inspired by jewels and gemstones like lapis lazuli, emerald, amethyst, amber and more. 

These tones give an enriched appearance with their colour depth that can bring a dramatic look to any space. Using deep colours for your walls can complement neutral furnishings, and vice versa. Jewel tones can be more versatile than many people think. While traditionally these hues have been used as a symbol of opulence, you can still bring elements of luxury and vibrance to your room while keeping it more muted. If wanting a dramatic look without so much bold colour, using plush textures like velvet, silk, faux fur, and wool can help achieve an elevated look in more casual settings.


Marble, natural stones, concrete, and metals pair well with gemstone shades. Break up soft textures and upholstery with a bold marble or metal coffee table that gives a heavy look and anchors your space. Don't be afraid to mix cool and warm tones with your materials and finishes, for example using brass and gold metals against blues and purples. Jewel tones can be as modern, simple, elegant or eclectic as you like. 

A main comment about jewel tones is their need for balance. While creating balance in any space is an essential design aspect, it is of the utmost importance for jewel tones due to their rich colours that are much more noticeable. Creating balance doesn't necessarily mean symmetry, it means paying attention to your complimenting colours and choosing items with intent and not just for aesthetics.


Our designer, Samiksha created the below mood board that draws inspiration from prominent colours to bring modern elegance.


Using complimentary colours like navy and ochre-yellow establishes a sophisticated design that blends well with neutrals. Single items like floor lamps or side tables are a simple but impactful choice that can bring a decorative or sculptural aspect to the space. She has paired polished and refined items like marble and metal with luxurious textures like velvet to create a room that fits together. 

Our designer tips:

  • Jewel tones are a great colour palette for winter. However, if you want a look that will last all year, pair the icy colours with warm tones to transition through the seasons. 
  • Neutrals pair well with bright emeralds or sapphires, and gemstone colours pair well with gold and metallic accents.
  • Don't be afraid of mixing colours. You can pair deep greens and purples easily if you have a dramatic or bold space.
  • These tones can fit various design styles. If you like sleek modern, transitional, contemporary, etc. you can make jewel tones work perfectly.



Both of these colour palettes offer beautiful furnishing and decor options that will inspire you to elevate your space for this coming year. What better way to refresh your space and start your year than with some new colours that show vibrance and comfort? The wide variety of style possibilities you have with each palette gives you the freedom to go for a subtle or dramatic look. Incorporating one or more of these trending colour palettes can be as simple as swapping some of your accessories like toss cushions and artwork. 

While they have their distinct differences, jewel and earth tones share plenty of overlap that can be combined to create a welcoming and stylish interior. Blending secondary colours and neutrals can help create a more muted room and can tie both tones together. 

We have endless decoration and furnishing possibilities to bring a timeless and modern aesthetic to your rooms in 2023, and our designers are here to help!

Wishing you a happy new year, from all of us at Revolve Furnishings!


- Written by Larissa Shannon

Larissa is an interior designer and artist. She aims to make interior environments beautiful and practical. She understands that form & function are the keystones to great design. No matter the project size, Larissa is happy to assist you with great design skill & guidance to make your dream home a reality.

"I believe design is meant to be Fun and Creative. Let's highlight your unique personality."

Contact Larissa at 403-255-8372 ext. 811

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