The Perfect Chair?

November 02, 2016

What were we thinking?

In what way is this chair fashion?  Yes, it looks like an instrument of torture or even the electric chair, but we have been assured that it is exactly the opposite.

According to our fearless leader and founding partner, Jeff Stoner, when you get the chance to offer your customers something this good and this comfortable you have to do it. Unlike other massage chairs that rely on airbags, our new Massage Chairs are completely mechanical which makes them more effective as well as more durable. 

But surely you wouldn't put them in the front room? No, they're not pretty, but they're perfect for the media room, office, or sanctuary (read: man cave). Says Jeff: 'sit your husband down in this chair and he'll let you buy whatever other furniture you want.' It's also an awesome way to get him to come furniture shopping with us. ;)

Now, for a limited time only, save 20% on all of our Massage Chair floor models!

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